Software Releases

An ARGO software release is a set of new features and bug fixes for the ARGO Data Platform. Software releases happen approximately every month.

Initial Software Release

Data Platform v1.55.0 - API v3.2.0

Release Date: June 19, 2020

New Features

This is the first release of the ARGO Data Platform. Major features include:

  • Clinical Data Submission: The ARGO Data Platform is open for data submission for registered programs. Registered programs can begin submitting clinical data through the Program Services area. Programs that have not registered should contact the DCC.
  • Program Management: For submitting programs, access to program submission and data can be managed from the Program Services area. This includes the ability for program administrators to review a program profile, as well as add and remove program members.
  • File Repository: Users can browse the complete ARGO data set using the File Repository. Files of interest can be downloaded, provided that access to controlled data has been confirmed. To access controlled data, please see the DACO application process here, or apply for DACO approval here.